December 22, 2010

Christmas Tree Propaganda along the DMZ

I am beginning to believe that Korea does not want to be reunited. The North firmly believes that progress will only happen when the North and South deal with each other directly. The South doesn't seem to want to have a conversation unless others are involved.

The latest moves have been interesting. The South dared the North to attack again. The North now uses their lack of response to tell the world that they are the Korea who wants peace. North Korea has also offered to sell many of its nuclear fuel rods to the South. The South says they are just after money. I really do not want to believe this but could the South now simply have become greedy? Does South Korea not want to take on the economic burden the North has to offer? I certainly hope not but the wonder is growing.

In 2004 both countries signed a deal to stop propaganda along the border. The recent activities have now caused the South to shred that document. Yesterday, a giant Christmas Tree was erected on the top of a mountain along the border.

The tree is made of steel, is one-hundred feet tall, and has approximately 100,000 LED bulbs!! I understand Christmas is the season of excess for many but this seems ridiculous.

tree will be in view of those in Kaesong (the joint industrial complex between the two countries). North Korea does not recognize Christmas as anything other than December 25th. They probably use the Lunar calendar so December 25th may not even be a known entity at all up there. What is the message sent? I can only imagine that it appears a giant, glowing middle finger to the 김저일 and an even larger mystery to the civilians and grunt military who see it.

My two final thoughts are that the South feels emblazened now and is possibly acting a bit recklessly. I hope that they ease off on the button pushing soon. Lastly, I call for the church in question to match the money they spend on electricity to a charity. The ludicrousness of the saga continues...


McVanderBockheimsteinski said...

Yonhap news reports that the tree will remain lit longer than planned. It will remain lit until "early next month"

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