December 24, 2010

China believes South Korea "Drunk with Patriotism"

The Dong A-Ilbo filed a report citing several quotes from Chinese newspapers. Included is the line "Beijing 'has its means'” if Seoul does not listen to its advice. China is obviously not happy with the South Korean military drills. Interestingly they have yet to denounce North Korea's recent actions. China's only response is that the island shelling was "what happened in an exchange of fire at a disputed area.” In regard to recent activities an editorial from the Global Times says “The North`s international image is being quietly altered as it showed its calmness and restraint over the South’s military drill, while urging the South to think about whether it did not become the provoker."

The newspapers also say that South Korea must be "drunk on something" and that if Seoul will not listen to China that "new means" are necessary. In regard to South Korea's latest drill the editorial says that Seoul is "playing soccer on a dangerous cliff." The Chinese
Global Times states "South Korean leaders might have the illusion that they suffered a lot from the North`s `provocation.` But do they understand that the North Koreans also had bitter pills to swallow when the South launched military exercises with the U.S. time and again?” and that South Korea's stance is "irrationally demanding."

The Chinese official news agency
Xinhua states China's intention of degrading relations between the U.S. and South Korea. China believes that the latest rounds of drills and exercises are in the interest of the United States. Making a claim that the U.S. masks its interests by its alliance with South Korea.

The Dong A-Ilbo surveyed twenty
experts on Chinese policy. Five say that a military clash is likely, twelve say it is not likely, and three say a fight is impossible.

China and South Korea are also currently having serious issues over fishing waters. A few days ago South Korea claims a Chinese fishing boat intentionally rammed itself into one of their coast guard vessels (it is said there is video evidence of this). Initially China took a hard line toward South Korea over the incident but has since eased off (potentially due to the video evidence). Three Chinese fisherman are being held and are expected to face criminal charges.

The latest words from North Korea are that they are ready for "A Sacred War based on a nuclear deterrent"

The latest words from South Korea's President are "tough actions enable us to keep peace, deter provocations and prevent war."


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