March 8, 2010

I Bought This Chapstick

Marketing here is intense and plays upon women in ways which are truly quite awful. The society in general puts unfair pressure on women but that is for another post. Here I just want to share some of the most outrageous marketing I have ever come across. The video below is of the KPOP group Brown Eyed Girls selling chapstick!! I actually kind of dig the tune. Instead of "Nivea Lip" I sing to myself "Swayin My Hips" ...

Pretty sexy eh? Sex is quite the paradox here. It promotes products shamelessly. Soft porn appears on television anywhere from one to ten in the morning. Little post cards for prostitutes litter the streets. "Coffee Girls" will bring much more than a cup of coffee to your home. Sex is everywhere and taboo simultaneously. I can only hope to be here when the sexual revolution takes place. I leave you now with more examples of the overtly sexual advertising here:

Yum! Beer!

I wanna go to that club....

Lucky noodles!

Korean beer goggles.


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