March 23, 2010


Kim YongJae - Haegum - Bird Crying

The Haegum is a two stringed "fiddle" constructed of hardwood. The strings of woven silk are tuned a fifth apart (Do-So) and are played with a bow of horsehair. The instrument is thought to have its roots in China or Mongolia but the performance practice is uniquely Korean. Its tone is often described as nasal. It was originally used in court orchestras along with the Daegum, P'iri, and Changgo for the purpose of supporting Kagok(a form of singing which I am currently reading an extensive thesis about). Thanks to Hwang ByungKi's Kayagum revolution it is now used as a solo instrument as well.

The above piece Bird Crying is thoroughly modern. Below the Haegum is heard in the solo form of Korean music called Sanjo. This form was introduced in the 19th century and is now applied widely with all instruments here. I'll be brief with my words today in the hope that you take time to listen to the music!

Kim YongJae - Haegum - Sanjo


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