March 31, 2010


Daegum Sanjo - Won JangHyun
What can you do with bamboo? Sixteen million things I am sure. I believe the most natural use of this plant may be the creation of a flute. Samchuk, the three member flute family in Korea, consists of the Daegum, Junggum, and Sogum. All three possess the same range but are pitched differently. Daeugum is the largest and most commonly used. The back of the instrunment has a membrane covered hole which gives the flute a wavering tone. Its range is two octaves plus a fourth. Passing air over a blowhole and fingering the six finger holes produces a lamenting tone. It originated in the Silla kingdom in the seventh century.

You are listening to a Sanjo. This literally translates to 'scattered melodies' and is a common gauge for a solo performers skill. Usually this form begins at a slow tempo and increases as the performance progresses. Improvisation is often included as well. I suppose you could equate Sanjo to the western form concerto. The performer(pictured above) is Won JangHyun. The piece lasts some twenty-three minutes and you are now instructed to minimize this window, do something else, and keep your ears open.


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