May 5, 2010


May 5th is Children's day in Korea. I am thankful for the break from work. I had my first kayagum lesson today and I feel very much like a child. The instrument is really cool and the technique appears rather simple. However, I feel a bit saddened by my lack of innate ability. I struggled very hard to get the first and most basic form of 'picking' down. It probably didn't help that my teacher did not speak English but I understood what was asked of me and had a really hard time doing it. I had to trim my thumbnail (I am a classical guitar player) in order to achieve the correct hand position. Anyhow, I worked very hard to do what the teacher expected with very little success. I realize music is practice and hope to acquire an instrument soon. The price is more than I can afford but I feel I cannot afford not to try to learn. If you know of anyone who has access to this instrument please contact me. I have every intention of becoming a kick ass kayagum player....


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